Wars of the 2nd half 18C


Gross-Jagersdorf (1757)
Zorndorf (1758)
Kay (1759)
Kunersdorf (1759)

The printable terrain for historical wargames (Battlemats & buildings)

Семилетняя война (1756-62) для CWG2 Seven Years War's Scenarios, placed on this page are intended for use in the known step Wargame CWG 2. As the original version of this game was devoted to other epoch, set of units, their weapon and behaviour on a field of fight were changed.
To play SYW-CWG2 it is necessary to download from this page not only files of the scenarios (< --- for folder SCENARIOS),
but also all archives (below)
with images, sounds and databases of arms and movement modified.
After installation of new files, battle and the companies devoted to Civil war in USA, become inaccessible.

To avoid it, make backup copies of folders: PICS, SPREAD and SOUND.

- mod2006.zip (0,8 MB) SPREAD & SOUND

-pics01 (1,6 MB)

-pics02 (3,5 MB)

The remarks and offers send to: luterm@rambler.ru
Семилетняя война (1756-62) для CWG2

Lehwaldt's Corps Order of Battle - Gross-Jagersdor, 1757.
Russian OOB.  The order of P. Saltykov, 26 June 1759.
Frederick's Order of Battle - Zorndorf, 1758.
Russian Army's OOB. Summer 1760

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